A World Community…
Human Trinity Logo

a tribe if you will, whose goal it is to help facilitate healing in whatever form it may take that integrates the body, mind and soul.

Human Trinity was birthed from our own individual times of pain and suffering which creates growth, understanding and gratefulness that such experiences can create. We are equally grateful for those easy lessons that are sweet to the soul. Our philosophy is to treat all who cross our path with total respect, and…, in the same manner as we want to be treated. We hold the trust of another human being who has come to us, sacred, keeping their Greatest and Highest good foremost in our mind.

As time has passed, we have found ourselves being drawn to other lands. Our goal is to assist in opening the way for people to explore the Whole Self, the Human Trinity. It doesn’t matter if you are an Esalen Indian, a Born Again Christian or any other flavor of spirituality. We desire to connect with those who seek healing, growth and peace… and those who are awakening to the universal spirituality and energy inherent to Humankind.

We promote an Embodied, Experiential Exploration of Self by increasing our awareness by becoming conscious of our full senses, our surroundings, our creativity and how we are all linked together – our dharma.

Be it in…

the Physical – by bodywork or massage, ecstatic dance, yoga and moving meditation

the Mental> – by teaching, coaching or by simply by gathering together to enjoy the company of like minded people

the Spiritual – by coaching and creating ceremonies sacred to the individual

We feel All People are Equal

All are greeted with open arms as we become a launching pad for continued transformation, evolution and wellness.
We are are each other's teacher… We are each other's therapist.
Please contact us so we can connect you with those who help facilitate your next evolution.