Declare it so…..

I set deep intentions to take this journey inside this body, fully present with full love vibration, trust, surrender, acceptance, and support from my guides. I call forth strength, healing, creative force, focus, divine truth, and saturation in synchronicity that guides me  to be the higher me….to live truth, to speak truth, and stay in my true essence. I am whole, complete, fulfilled. May I be guided into truth, may all veils be lifted, may all illusions dissipate with ease. I ask to be shown my divine path and purpose, take me home. I protect myself from all energies that are not pure. I call forth the higher vibrations of love, healing, and transformation.

So it is, so it is so………

Incredible India

Sometimes we have to give up everything to know what we have. Without the valley, there are no peaks. As long as we remember to take the bird’s eye view and see the divine process as a whole, we remember that we are creating the experience and it can always be hard or easy, unpleasant or joyous. My time in India was a continuous surrender and acceptance to to the journey we undertake to remind ourselves again and again what we have known all along. It was a journey that reminded me of the dualistic nature of reality, filled peaks of extreme bliss that were immediately met by the opposing force, one extreme to the next, in a continual and relentless dose of raw reality. It was unfiltered and uncensored, a spiritual shovel that dug deep in the core of Who I Am, A shovel that hit many blocks of illusion, walls built up by stories of who I thought I was, shards of ego…and I welcomed the blows, gasping for the deep breaths that brought me closer to my true essence. I was helpless, but willing, weak but finding strength I thought I never had. So the illusions shattered, and the wounds that were ripped open, bled away away the parts of me that were never really me, that didn’t serve me. The tears of sadness met with the bloods of illusion and joined into the river that met a waterfall and fell fast and hard into a never-ending expansive ocean of our transformation. Once the soul of the river left the mountains and valley, it united in oneness with the ocean, returning to the source where it all began.

I feel that there is much to share about this journey, that maybe these words will resonate with a journey you once took, are taking, or are about to take….Tapping into the Cosmic One. The One that knows all, sees all, and is all. Here I am, sweating in the filth and sweetness of Paharganj, seeing only one layer but which layer is the real layer? You know this, you created this remember. One does not exist without the other. Escuha las signales, ya estan. Sabes este. Despiertete. Abra sus ojos. Creation time. I am that I am and I am clarity, I have the ability to see things as they are, in their true essence. I am that I am and I am the creator of my reality. I am aligned with my Higher Self, Truest Truth, I am peace, tranquility, abundance, beauty, love, synchronicity. The signs are all around me and I see them. I see with clarity and acceptance. I peel away the layers of illusion. The core in its entirety emerges and I merge with it, becoming what I’ve known all along. I cannot forget what I always know. I release the negative patterns that do not serve me, become the higher me. This soul is eternally free. Freedom to create, and I am creating. I know this plan because my super conscious
created it. I do not fight it anymore, I take by the reins and ride it, laughter and joy bellowing from deep belly breaths, sun on the horizon, light the guides me, reminds me to be the greatest grandest me. Mission heard, I do not fail because there is no losing in learning. Enjoying this, laughing at the intricacy that divinely weaves this web together. I step outside the rolling picture, take a standstill on the mountain with a breath-giving view.Fine-tuning the instrument for the clarity to come through, music to my ears that guides me, flows through me, inspires me into the higher me. The beauty of perfection breaks boundaries and cracks dark windows that veiled the divine light. Walls crumble that never really existed. Home is where the heart is and is here and now. I know what I am not, and I know what I am. Cards placed on the table, I am only flipping them over. Potential stored and waiting. Clearing the winds of destruction that blow the cards from my hands’ grasp. Realigning, dusting off, shaking out the wrinkles. Standing up straight and being stronger than I have ever been…Thank you India, really its been a kick.You’ve been hard on me,but only as hard as I asked you to be. You taught me about perseverance, about strength, about tapping into the force, even when there is an illusion that nothing is there. Pushed to my limits, I have seen that there is much to learn, that there are many aspects of the self, and how we seek to know every one of them. I came here to know this part of me. Now I know it, I say thank you, good lesson, REALLY good lesson. But…I am outta here. I break the chains that bind me, tell you India, this soul is free. Just as I chose to come here, I choose to leave. You cannot keep me here against my higher will. I am closing this door and stepping into the next chapter. I close the door softly, gently, with my hands saluted in prayer in front of me. I touch the ground in love and respect bringing it to my third eye. I see now, I understand now. Back to what I do best, sharing the message, inspiring the highest form of the highest self. Sometimes we need to take those journeys to remind ourselves of what we have. To check our ego so hard that we squirm in the skin we agreed to incarnate in. Walking slowly I take in the gentle breeze inside of me, open my eyes fully. The breeze enters me, pranic flow brings life to me, recharges me, heals the wounds of the battle that’s now behind me. I rub away the imprints of the chains that no longer bind me. Marvel at the wonder of how good it feels to be free. Set out full power for the journey in front of me. And I breathe as the color returns to my cheeks. The vital force fills this soul to entirety. I turn the page to the next chapter, non-attachment to what happened before or what might happen after. Just being.

(that was the last entry, hopefully I will make it to the rest)

Channeling: part 2

Today’s conversation is concerning the planetary shifts. You all are very aware of the shifts that are occurring. The earthquakes and global warming are the tip of the iceberg that will begin to sink titanic Earth as we know it. We want you to enjoy and celebrate these catastrophes as they are an essential part of the healing and re-birthing of Mother Earth. She has a lot of stagnant energy to cleanse. Just like human beings release energy by shedding tears, screaming, shouting, and using sound to clear the negative energy blocked inside your energy centers, Mother Earth needs to do the same. The difference is mother Earth is much bigger than us, and when she cries, the entire world can feel her shake, some people more intensely than others. Just as we have to fully embrace our emotions before we can transcend them and release them, Mother Earth needs to fully feel what she has gone through with humanity walking so heavily upon her. She must fully embrace in her core all that has occurred, and fully express those emotions in whatever way they manifest, whether it is earthquakes, tsunami’s, floods, or the many other natural disasters that will emerge when the Mother fully expresses her built up energy. May we watch these events unfold with love and trust in our hearts, and enough clarity to understand that this is a necessary part of the cleansing process. We are a part of cleansing cycle that is as much as a part of us, as we are a part of it. When the world shakes, and the waters flow, may we open ourselves and allow the shifts to clear all of our fear, all of our anger, all of our doubt so we may be clear of these lower vibrations. Chaos is the catalyst to better days. There has to be a breaking point, as it is obvious that things cannot and will not continue as they are. Let us remember that on a super conscious soul level, we chose to be here in this time. We are limitless eternal souls in an everlasting life. Our energies are constantly recycled back into the divine source, into the ONE, and born again into flesh, into light, into our next karmic path. When our DNA memories activate during the upcoming shifts, we will easily remember our multidimensional existence. We will begin to get flashes of the evolution since the birth of planet Earth, and the birth of milky way galaxy as we know it. Light beings of planet Earth, let me remind you that we are the fallen stars that united in one grand explosion called “The Big Bang”. The intensity of our combined energies have slowly evolved. From the stars we evolved from minerals to more complex structures that eventually led to plants, animals, and now human beings. The energy essence of our star soul sought and seeks to know the highest form of the physical experience. Right now we are at the peak of that experience. Close your eyes and try to remember when we were all stars shining up there in the beautiful cosmic ONE, and we made a choice to unite and fall together to experience the highest form of physical existence. At this turning point, we decided being a star was not enough. So we fell as ONE. ONE that shattered to experience the duality of a physical world. We wanted to experience touch, sensation, and LOVE. Along with the positive higher experiences comes the counterpart, the Yin and Yang, dark and light. May we remember that this is all part of the whole, and that these are just aspects of one experience that is whole and complete. We are all an individualization of the one. We are many parts that make one whole. We are coming to the close of this grand cycle. Its time to shine dear beloved star seeds. Open and access this information as it becomes available with the shifting energies. The ego of the human mind veils our perception of our multidimensional limitless selves. Our ego makes us feel separate, tells us that all we have is this life, that we need material things to make us happy, it makes us a trapped in a viscous cycle of control that keeps us from being our fullest potential of our highest self. Let the truth be told, let’s remove the veils. We have taken this long crazy journey together, and we will end it together, as ONE. We began as the minerals, plants, and animals, and we have the entire story encoded into our inactive DNA strands and the unused parts of our brain. We are coming to our fullest potentials now. The once impossible becomes possible. We planned this whole thing. Our super-consciousness agreed to this whole process. I invite you to come back to essence. See past the illusion of fear that the ego trys to feed us. The strongest power in the universe is Love. The love vibration unites us all in our centers. May we remember to breathe with each other, breathe with the Earth, as one heart in unison. Vibrations of the lower existence are what can make this process painful. If we align with higher chakras, we remember the beauty in the divine process that is occurring. We remember the agreements we made. We remember our divine purpose during this evolution. This process is inevitable. The important thing to remember is that we have a choice. We are the creators of our own realities. Our reality is created by experience. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are how our experience of life is manifested. What we are thinking, feeling and acting is what is created around us. Basic law of magnetism, like attracts like. So whatever you think, feel or act like is what the universe presents to you in the form of physical experience. So the changes are happening, but I invite you to experience the changes in the love vibration, in joy, in bliss that the New World Order is being created. May we bring down the systems of illusions that have trapped us inside a lower vibrational experience full of fear for so many years. May we dance together to the universal heartbeat, the vibration that carries us forward into love’s creation. May we hold hands and dance as ONE. May we hold the vision of a peaceful harmonious Earth as ONE. We have the ability to co-create, every person who joins in love and trust accelerates the shift into the perfect Earth. May we remember to close our eyes and connect, to remind ourselves that we not alone, but we are many, all working for the same goal of peace, harmony and freedom. I am another you, a reflection of yourself that you find in me. I am just reminding you to remember what you already know, what you’ve always known.

In love, truth, as ONE
In la kech ( I am another you)

(note: this is a channeling tied into some concepts and ideas that have been brewing in me for quite some time)