Meditating the Divine

Posted by kenji on December 7, 2008

The world takes pause
In the space between my breath
Wooing the Divine

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In the Space Between

Posted by kenji on October 17, 2007

In the space between my breath
I find movement and ease, soreness long lost,
a dance that has yet to be
I feel great, alive and…, dead to the old
There is calm and serenity, a peace long forgotten

In the space between my breath
There is a beast who slumbers, good or bad,
I do not know… but he smiles as he sleeps
I meet a dog there sometimes;
he too smiles as he slumbers.
Why these smiles, I do not know,
perhaps a secret I’m not privy to…, yet

In the space between my breath
I find bread, old and rotten, yet there is a sweet smell,
Maybe it is that of death or perhaps
that of new life growing amidst remnants of the past
I wonder what bread has to do with breath except…
possibly I misheard myself.
Perhaps this is a pattern, I shall watch to see if this is so

In the space between my breath
There still exist tunnels of dark, which are known solely to me
The depth of which no one notices
Because they are entranced by their own reflections

In the space between my breath
There are ghosts of things past and spirits of things to be,
Whom enter in the inhale and depart on the exhale,
leaving their imprint but for a moment or two…

In the space between my breath
There is snow…, unfallen

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Posted by kenji on November 9, 2006

A warm cup-o-joe
Trees confer in hushed voices
Misty breath dancing

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The Touch

Posted by kenji on January 8, 2006

The first touch of love
Breathed by a simple hello
Embers awaken

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Posted by kenji on September 18, 2018

Slow breath and then hold
Bubbles dance a dervish blue
Mute – sixty feet down

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