Syria and Precognition

I had a very vivid, intense dream about Syria last night ūüôĀ
First time, that I can remember I dreamed about a whole country and its political/war status.
It was gearing up for full scale war and people were trying to get out before it happened. People were trying to figure out if they had time to bring possessions and wrap up business or if they just needed to run. I leaned toward the just run side.
There were soldiers in some kind of weird metal chest plates knocking on doors and letting people know they were being watched. Mercenary army kind of people, like town bullies, ganging together. I had several mental references/connections to Hitler with some (types/groups) people being singled out for extermination. The whole dream had a really awful pre WW2 vibe.
I pray that people will take the higher spiritual path, but my intuition says something really big and really, really bad is going to happen.
Be the good in the world. It starts with each one of us.
Love to all,


I often meditate on dying… really dying. That moment when I realize that this really is it, that there is no stopping the process and I begin to even feel my mortal body slipping from me. That mental place of accepting the circumstance and the ultimate accountability of how I have lived my life, the way I have treated and interacted with people. Absolutely alone, no thoughts other than what I bring.
I imagine, that behavior habits would kick in at intense levels. If I was naturally fearful, perhaps I would be afraid, depressed = feeling unworthy, etc.. If I relied on a tool, like Dumbo’s magic feather (crystals, drugs, ceremonies, etc..) I would removed from my tools. In that moment of utter starkness, the only thing left would be me. Bare, exposed and without any recourse.
That moment, that mindset, is what I try to lovingly prepare myself for. I want to radiate love on such a scale that my exit and entrance will be eclipsed by the glow.
I have seen the other side, I nearly died when I was 16. The core of me was all that went through, no ego or experiences, just the very core. All the things that had been important, in a blink were rendered totally meaningless and forgotten. Only the very core remained – the watcher within. The watcher thrives on love, is made of love and is connected by love to the universe. When I die, I want love and compassion to be the last thoughts and feelings that I have. And, knowing the end will come, but not when, I choose to meditate on that moment and take full advantage my life. Life is an opportunity to explore, love, grow and practice compassionate care for oneself and for others. When my time comes, hopefully, I will have the strength and wisdom to tell myself “I am love”.

Love to all,

Spirit called into form

fearless and strong
heart and head
cleared by the passing rain
spirit called into form
dancing in green and gold

we loved
longer than the stars
one heart and mind
laying across the sky

i see you
quiet in the moonlight
clothed in compassion
shining bright and clear

fall heavy into my arms
across time and space
your stardust always turned me on
beloved sacred soul

Say It!

Antici……….. pation

I find myself sitting on the cusp of many changes. Some so monumental, that I still cannot fathom their full impact. And yet, in the center, I am peaceful. I will sleep and wake, and do all the things that I want and am able to do.  Circumstances frame the emotion and experience, but ultimately I am responsible for my response.

I give my innermost prayers to the Universe and gratefully, passionately ride the wave.

Love to all,


And then there was light

Some people and places SHINE!

Let’s Talk About Sex…

I believe sexual energy is both primal and Divinely expressive. All living things contain sexual energy. Whether it is repressed or expressed, it still must be acknowledged. Whether a life form feels universal connection or a simply a biological release is dependent on the focus.

To expand beyond what we are, we must open to the Divine. Our partner, becomes both the key and the gateway. By putting our attention on the energy that we are giving and receiving, we can amplify it. We create something that cannot be attained without a partner, beyond biological release and normal awareness. This amplification allows us to transcend our physical shells and step joyously into the realm of spirituality.

While orgasm by definition is the culmination of the act, I believe the process is in fact the key. By placing your awareness into another human, breathing as they breath, maintaining sensitivity to their response, the shared mental state becomes a celebration of the Divine. We transcend individual male or female form and become both.

Losing inhibitions and accepting what “is” becomes a journey in itself. There are no perfect bodies, there is no perfect moment. We all age, wither and eventually die. Illness and disease are parts of life too. They do not lessen the person nor the experience unless we choose to define ourselves by something that is ultimately ephemeral and ego based. Our lives, while important to us, have less universal scale than a molecule of water.¬† Our egos will place walls where none should exist.

I believe this shared experience has the capacity to encompass the body and the Divine being. The time up to, and including, the orgasm can be rapturous. Our minds devoid of thought, enable the ego to disappear and we become pure consciousness. This state of consciousness opens a channel through which a connection to our body, souls and ultimately the Divine become possible.

Love to All,


Here, Here and Here

I see things. Layers of things. This place, possible places and always the universal connection.

I believe we are all connected, and separateness is only a mental illusion. What I do for you, I do for myself, for everything else and the universe. I believe a heartfelt act of kindness ripples though the entire cosmos. To give or receive with humility, gratitude and love is an honor granted to us by the Divine.

I believe we are all directed by the Universe to care for each other. Maybe some are born able to see light and joy while others must search for it. I know, that at times, we ALL need a soft, loving and unconditional place of acceptance.

It is puzzling, that unconditional acceptance and love, are put into restrictive confines. Filtered, processed, suppressed, ignored, redefined. Unconditional, truly is that. I see the divinity, I feel the connectedness. Whether the outstretched hand is ever grasped, or even seen,  makes no difference, it will remain a loving offering from the universe.

Love to all,



Uncountable heart strings, tying us to each other, to the earth and the universe. We are as intertwined as a raindrop in the ocean. Be good to each other, we are all connected in love.

Love to all,

Dream Walker

Last night I lived in the dreamworld.

I opened my eyes and found myself on a couch. My head and back were resting on the arm of the couch and my feet were resting in the center. On the other side was a man, similarly positioned. I recognized him immediately as my other half and the home as my home in the dreamworld. I have seen him many times, but only while dreaming and once during a past life regression, but I have felt his presence my whole life.

I knew immediately that I was dreaming and began to anchor myself to ensure that the dream remained lucid. He seemed drowsy and I realized he was dreaming.

I called to him and tried to let him know I was really there, but he responded as a dreaming person would. Finally, with great concentration, he saw me and then slowly, lethargically reached to hold me. I tried to wake him again and this time he blinked his eyes several times and began to anchor. He started crying and told me that he thought I had died. I started crying and told him I wanted to stay in the dreamworld, it was where I belonged and I had missed him so much. We held each other and talked and loved.

Whenever I am in the dreamworld, there is such a sense of “rightness” and overwhelming love and connectedness. I am often taught lessons and are shown concepts that would be impossible learn in this “reality”. I believe that place is gateway to all that is.

Later in the day he said he knew someone that could help me permanently anchor to that place. He took my hand and we went to an old woman’s house. She invited us into her living room and said that she could help us, she could keep me in that reality. Even though it was difficult, she knew how and had done it several times. She said she needed another person from the dreamworld to act as a conduit to temporarily hold my spirit while she transitioned me over.

She called a young woman in from another room and asked her to lie on the floor. There was a complicated device under a glass dome which had a silver handled conductor extending from it. She handed the conductor to the woman who had volunteered to be the conduit for me. She told us both to lie down on the floor next to each other. She then said that I needed to be very still so that my full spirit could easily jump from the conduit woman into my new body. Because I was trying so hard to stay still, I couldn’t turn my head, but I heard her turn the device on. Almost immediately, I heard some electrical crackling and smelled burning and then someone said, “It is shorting out!” and I was immediately fully awake in my bed here.

Today I am a little disoriented and missing my dreamworld.


Last night I had a great dream…
I dreamed that my friends had heard about and seen an Oracle. They said that she was real and could tell a lot of things simply by touching someone. They were very curious what would happen if she and I were to touch.
My friends brought me to the place where the Oracle was reading people. The place was dark and reminded me more of a nightclub or a dimly lit basement. We walked down a long flight of stairs and saw her standing in the center of a bare floor with people gathered in small groups along the edges of the walls or wandering quietly waiting for their turn.
When she saw us coming she turned to my friends and asked… “Why do you bring her here?”
They answered “Because she is an Oracle like you, and we want to see what will happen when you touch”.
The Oracle and I looked at each other, saw awareness and realness, and then opened our arms and hugged each other.
Mentally, spiritually, I could feel her trying to reach the divine place within me, like smoke, or very gently probing fingers within my psyche. She was trying to find the opening to see what was to be revealed.
In that moment, I knew what she was looking for and I completely released all of the ego/personality boundaries that were in her way and we met in that spiritual place. At that moment, She began to tell me that I had been on a journey, had been through hardships. I was now on a path that was happier, filled with love and light and Spirit.