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Spirit called into form

fearless and strong heart and head cleared by the passing rain spirit called into form dancing in green and gold we loved longer than the stars one heart and mind laying across the sky i see you quiet in the moonlight clothed in compassion shining bright and clear fall heavy into my arms across time […]

Dream Walker

Last night I lived in the dreamworld. I opened my eyes and found myself on a couch. My head and back were resting on the arm of the couch and my feet were resting in the center. On the other side was a man, similarly positioned. I recognized him immediately as my other half and […]


Last night I had a great dream… I dreamed that my friends had heard about and seen an Oracle. They said that she was real and could tell a lot of things simply by touching someone. They were very curious what would happen if she and I were to touch. My friends brought me to […]

Not worth it?

Last night I dreamed about awareness. How ironic is that? Obviously, these are questions I have been struggling with. Here are the insights I came away with. Grogginess – Some people have woken up, but are not yet fully aware.  I was shown the image of waking my son up when he was a child […]

Dreaming of God

A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I saw God.  Not Michelangelo’s  Sistine Chapel version of god, but my own very personal version. I dreamed that I was following some internal pull, like a salmon returning to its spawning ground, directing me to a barren mountainside somewhere in Hawaii. As I approached the place […]

The answer, unasked for…

We choose to become overwhelmed by our circumstances or to rise above them. In either case, free will is always involved.

You are here

The entire universe has worked together to bring us where we are right now. What lesson in our lives should we see or learn that heaven and earth have moved all creation to give us awareness at this moment? Love to all, -Deb

The wisdom of a dream

The mysteries of the universe are not external, they are internal.  Seeking answers honestly, and earnestly from within, allows all to see ho’omana within all things.

Responsibility and Forgiveness

In my dream, Satan was sitting across from a catholic priest at a wooden table. They were both casually drinking coffee. Satan was asking the priest about exorcisms. How they worked, what was needed, etc… Satan wanted to get an exorcism because he wanted to go back to being just plain evil. Apparently, after several […]

Maybe as soon as tomorrow…

I woke up the other morning with the phrase “maybe as soon as tomorrow” rolling around in my head. The more I thought about it, the clearer the meaning became for me. I practice awareness everyday. I am anchored into the present, which has an interesting byproduct, I can also spend time in the past […]