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The answer, unasked for…

We choose to become overwhelmed by our circumstances or to rise above them. In either case, free will is always involved.

Physician, heal thyself

What  if you were given a gift, the ability to see around ego, into the  true spirit-self, including your own? You could be around anyone and see connections from this world and sometimes deeper spiritual connections too. What if, most of the time, you were the only one with that knowledge? Like eavesdropping or observing […]


Detachment from the content of the mind Energy Acceptance Service

What Is & What May Be

So here I was, toodling along with my day. Head buried in code, listening to some mellow inspiring music, focused on the tasks at hand, and then bam! In switching to another CD, an album cover popped up, that had a doppleganger picture of someone I lost. Enough to take my breath away and make […]

Being in the moment

I wonder how many of us really allow ourselves to live fully in the moment… With the exception of hurtful things like rape, murder, assault, abuse, things that are not willingly received on the other side…. do you allow yourself to truly, and openly “be” in the moment. Do you censor your joy or vulnerability? […]

Responsibility and Forgiveness

In my dream, Satan was sitting across from a catholic priest at a wooden table. They were both casually drinking coffee. Satan was asking the priest about exorcisms. How they worked, what was needed, etc… Satan wanted to get an exorcism because he wanted to go back to being just plain evil. Apparently, after several […]

How are you?

Words are imperfect and I speak them imperfectly. As each is filtered by the speaker and the listener, the meanings change. Concepts are even more difficult. To be able to peer into someone’s heart and see the true intention and message takes constant effort, openness and true curiosity. The deeper I look, I find that […]