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Syria and Precognition

I had a very vivid, intense dream about Syria last night 🙁 First time, that I can remember I dreamed about a whole country and its political/war status. It was gearing up for full scale war and people were trying to get out before it happened. People were trying to figure out if they had […]

Back on my feet again

I watched one of my favorite movies, “What Dreams May Come” about a week ago and got one of the quotes stuck in my head… “Sometimes, when you win, you lose”. Today, I realized why it stuck and how it applied to my life as well. I recently had a very strong “vision” about a […]


A friend, who has weaved in and out of my life for many years has asked me to “blurt” uncensored and unedited the thoughts and feelings passing through my awareness. It sounded relatively easy, until I began trying to put it into practice. My internal censors and inability to articulate spiritual concepts jumped front and […]

Beautiful Things

More shifting perceptions and new awareness… My whole life I have had what appeared to be an extra level of perception, the ESP factor. It runs heavily in the women from my mother’s side. Through a series of events recently, I was given a singing bowl. Someone played it in the store and I stopped […]