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And then there was light

Some people and places SHINE!

Here, Here and Here

I see things. Layers of things. This place, possible places and always the universal connection. I believe we are all connected, and separateness is only a mental illusion. What I do for you, I do for myself, for everything else and the universe. I believe a heartfelt act of kindness ripples though the entire cosmos. […]

And the sun shone

The company of friends, sunshine, toes and spirits in the warm grass. I lazily stretch and am lured again from my shell by the sound of soft voices. Ice cream and laughter in the evening, I am grateful.

The Divinity Within

I was talking with one of my mentors today and she mentioned something that caught me by surprise and sparked a fairly lengthy conversation between us… She said that lately, she has been pretending that there is an Angel hiding amongst the people she interacts with. Perhaps it is the cranky cashier or the man […]

Is it possible?

When we close our minds to possibilities, the only things remaining are what we have always known.


open calm presence flowing perception is reflection from within feel harmony what is and will be reality is the perception we choose release begins renewed perception

How are you?

Words are imperfect and I speak them imperfectly. As each is filtered by the speaker and the listener, the meanings change. Concepts are even more difficult. To be able to peer into someone’s heart and see the true intention and message takes constant effort, openness and true curiosity. The deeper I look, I find that […]

Beautiful Things

More shifting perceptions and new awareness… My whole life I have had what appeared to be an extra level of perception, the ESP factor. It runs heavily in the women from my mother’s side. Through a series of events recently, I was given a singing bowl. Someone played it in the store and I stopped […]