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Spirit called into form

fearless and strong heart and head cleared by the passing rain spirit called into form dancing in green and gold we loved longer than the stars one heart and mind laying across the sky i see you quiet in the moonlight clothed in compassion shining bright and clear fall heavy into my arms across time […]

And then there was light

Some people and places SHINE!

And the sun shone

The company of friends, sunshine, toes and spirits in the warm grass. I lazily stretch and am lured again from my shell by the sound of soft voices. Ice cream and laughter in the evening, I am grateful.


Last night I participated in a New Moon ceremony. A clearing of mind, heart and soul and a stated intention for the coming month. The clearing part was a little harder than normal, as much has been happening in my life lately. Nothing major, just a continuous series of events that have encouraged me to […]

What Is & What May Be

So here I was, toodling along with my day. Head buried in code, listening to some mellow inspiring music, focused on the tasks at hand, and then bam! In switching to another CD, an album cover popped up, that had a doppleganger picture of someone I lost. Enough to take my breath away and make […]