7. Want to get rid of a cold? If the gargle and swallow method doesn’t stop the
advance of a cold, try taking 3 or 4 tablets before bed for 2-3 days or more. It can
reduce the sinus drainage and chest congestion.
8. For herpes – VBF TABLETS ONLY – take L-lysine for two days prior to taking tablets.
This will minimize herpes outbreak that may occur when first taking the tablets,
usually indicating your last outbreak.
9. Many skin disorders have been alleviated by taking the tablets and systemically
solving the problem. It will take longer but doesn’t leave a scar as with the salve.

    There are two options for taking the tablets.
    Option I: Take 1-4 tablets at bedtime. Many have found this to be the
    easiest way to avoid feeling nausea or tiredness that may occur.
    Option II: Take tablets at mealtime to spread intake of tablets out during
    the day.
    Treatment program: Three-Four (3-4) tablets per day for 3 months or
    longer if needed. Start by taking only 1 tablet the
    first day and increase dosage according to your
    comfort level. Usually within two weeks you will
    be able to tolerate 3-4 tablets per day. Decrease
    or discontinue dosage temporarily if necessary.
    Maintenance program: Once the desired results are achieved using the
    Treatment program, take one-two (1-2) tablets
    per day for 1 month. Suggest doing this every
    three months.
    To improve the detoxification process this product can be taken in
    conjunction with colonic or enema treatments.
    As with any Adaptogen, it is beneficial to take a day off now and
    then. Seven days on and one day off works best for most people.

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