Happy Trails

This morning, as I routinely traveled through the yard on my way back from the laundry hut, I noticed a brilliant sparkling coming from my otherwise dull bed of weeds I call a backyard.  It was as if I had found the treasure in a fairytale!

At first I almost breezed by… but the “grateful & live in the moment” part of me wouldn’t allow it. (As a side note, I’d like to thank myself for that!)  Anyway… I pondered at what could make my weeds shimmer like this?  Was it some glitter from days gone by?  No…  As I leaned in for a closer look, I saw copious amounts of the finest tinsel ever, like that of baby hair; or so I thought!

My logical self realized the impossibility of this, so I challenged my self to investigate further.  It was an optical illusion.  Yep… I swear!  What I found made me laugh with delight.  It was Snail Trails!!!  Normally snails in general do not usually invoke images of beauty, and definitely not their trails.  However… when they have dried, they thin, then with help of the sun’s ever divine rays… an absolute treasure!

How lucky am I to have stumbled upon this unexpected beauty, at just the right moment in the day, amongst my daily chores, and in my field of weeds I call my backyard?  Amazing!  I am grateful!

Ahhhh… Life is Good 🙂

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When we have too many expectations, OR our expectations are not made clear, then it causes adverse reactions from others. When we don’t have enough expectations, then are we living “our” truth? The best way I figure we can avoid a “Hot Mess” is by expressing to others our true expectations, and maybe lightening our expectations of others as well.
Communication is a way to let others know what your truth is, and a way for you to learn theirs.

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Jelly Doughnuts… REALLY?

Okay… so today in New Jersey, My Sis in law, her Mom, two of my nieces & I got quite an education in jelly donuts compliments of Dunkin Donuts. Who knew that there are a million different types of jelly donuts.  This particular Dunkin Donuts only had one version of the jelly donut, which was fine… however, it did take us approximately 5 minutes of absolutely engaging, humorous & informative conversation to arrive at that conclusion!  Honestly…  it was akin to the famous Abbott & Costello who’s on first skit.

First let’s start with the coating:  Powder Sugar coated jelly donut… Glazed jelly donut, or sugar coated jelly donut.

Then there are the fillings: Grape, Strawberry, AND… the regular red stuff that we couldn’t decide if it was cherry or raspberry, or something in between.  We’ll just call that the mystery flavor.

We FINALLY decided on the Sugar Coated Mystery Flavored Jelly donut, which very conveniently was the the exact and only type they featured at this particular Dunkin Donuts!  What are the chances???

Well, fortunately Carl did enlighten us as to just how good the chances were to find this particular type of jelly donut at other locations.  You see… although Dunkin Donuts does feature the much sought after Grape & Strawberry filled jelly donuts, most of the locations do not carry them (at least in this area).  We had other errands to run, so unfortunately we were unable to complete our education in the chances of  obtaining an “other” than sugar coated jelly donut from Dunkin Donuts.

It was a great time, we all enjoyed some ” health enhancing” laughter, and my niece & I snarfed down the mystery flavored sugar coated jelly donut with much more appreciation!

I do also want to mention what a fine job Carl did!  He was so very patient with us & all of our questions. He also was very  playful, informative, and upbeat… All while running the front counter & drive through by himself!  Good juju sent to Carl!!

Hope you enjoyed this, it really was a fun exchange while it happened 🙂


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Irie Mon, it's an Irie day!

The sun is shinin’…

and theres 3 lil birds outside my window, singin a sweet song, a melody pure and true, this is my message to YOU ooh ooh! Don’t worry, about a ting, cause ev’ry lil ting gon’ be alright!

Okay, so it’s a Bob Marley kind of day! I looked outside and thought …”the sun is shinin”, and bam there was the song. Then…no sooner than that happened, the birds started singing…and of course THAT song popped into my head.
it was such a strong vibe, I opened the door, and yes it was 3 lil birds.

Now I am enjoying their song, and the smell of the lush green yard (overgrown, but it does smell so wonderful)

I am grateful for the Awareness I have to enjoy moments like this 🙂

Irie Mon, Irie! Seastar:)

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Some Thoughts of Awareness & Perspective

Greetings!   I had seen this before, but a friend recently sent it to me, and I thought I would share! Enjoy 🙂

Maya Angelou said this:

‘I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.’

‘I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.’

‘I’ve learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life.’

‘I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as making a life.’

‘I’ve learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance.’

‘I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back…’

‘I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.’

‘I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.’

‘I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back…’

‘I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn..’

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

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A moment of Gratefulness

I am ever grateful for be able to unknowingly touch or enrich other peoples lives or outlook in life.

I am also grateful for being able to knowingly touch and enrich other peoples lives or outlook in life.

I am grateful for all of the amazing people that have enriched my life, as well as all of the gifts the Universe has given me.

I am humbled…

I am GRATEFUL! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 🙂 🙂 🙂

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A Priceless Gift of Love

Sunset, Coral Heart & Aloha

So I was fortunate enough to be in Hawaii for my Mom’s birthday, and got to experience yet another AMAZING Universe touch.  Let me set the scene for you.

(This is not all doom & gloom, so please read through what may be the “hard” part).

My Mom was a creature of the Ocean.  She always experienced a keen sense of peace when she visited the shore.  Many a random road trips found us at the beach.  She loved the ocean and beach so much she got married to my step dad Lee, at Carmel Beach (California).  When she passed away in August 2003, there was zero question about scattering her remains in the ocean.  We did just that in Oct. 2003, aboard a Hornblower Yacht.  Family and friends shared an intimate luncheon, filled with memories, and a wonderful scattering ceremony. Each person had an opportunity to release some pixie dust, some of CoCo’s remains (Mom’s beloved Dog & companion) and of course Mom’s remains. It was wonderful sharing this time with the family regardless the circumstances.  We were allowed to have a Good time, because Mom had always said she wanted it that way 🙂

I have to go further back for just a few lines… For an uncertain reason at the time, When my brother Kenji & I were taking care of arrangements, we requested a “lock” of Mom’s hair, (Kenji’s idea).  That morphed into the siblings & grandkids getting a little fairy necklace that has a little glass vial which had purple/lavender pixie dust, a few tiny pieces of amethyst (Mom’s favorite), and a few strands of her hair.

Sooo…. Fast forward to Feb. 23rd 2010, and the “Moment”

So I am in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai visiting Kenji.  (Kauai happened to be Mom’s favorite island).  Kenji and I planned some bonding time to go to the ocean together on Mom’s birthday.   Kenji & I had previously decided to release the contents of our Pixie vials into the ocean in celebration of the day. Mine had broken a couple of year’s prior, and I still had the contents, but couldn’t find it before I left for Kauai.

We went at sunset (another favorite of Mom’s), and stuck our hands, legs, and feeties in the water.  Kenji meticulously uncorked the bottle/vial, and poured out the pixie dust first.  With an abundance of Love we blew our pixie dust into the water.  He then poured out the little pieces of amethyst.  We gently tossed those into the water with Love & Gratitude.  Last but definitely not least,  the strands of hair… they still smelled like Mom 🙂  We released her hair into the water with more Love & Birthday Greetings.

We chatted, bonded, laughed & smiled, splashed in the water & took pictures.   A REALLY wonderful, positive, healing time, kissed by Love and release… It was more amazing and enriching that I had imagined.  I felt GREAT!!  The sunset was beautiful, Kenji & I were like playful little children, and so Aware.

I happened  look down, and in the sand was a heart made of coral, I squealed, and shouted to Kenji, however, as quickly as I spotted it, and before I could pluck it up;  a wave came crashing in, tumbling, tossing, and jostling everything around my feet.  I was momentarily saddened at the loss, yet grateful for even having seen it.  As the the water made it’s retreat, I looked down and there was my coral heart, right where it had been before.  How could that be?  I pondered that thought for just a split second before I plucked it up.  Now I know we all can “See”  shapes and such in many things, but this was NO interpretive heart, it IS truly heart shaped.  We stood at that shore, sending love, gratefulness, birthday greetings, and overall just warm & fuzzy feelings, and in return I received the most commonly used emblem of love.  Talk about a “clear” message… The ultimate and obvious “Universe Touch”

But wait, as if that wasn’t enough…  as we were writing messages of Love & birthday greetings in the sand, and watching the water whisk them away (erasure), Kenji  looked at me, and said “In the Moment.”  I not only received the ultimate gift of love, but the message of “Live in the Moment!”

As always,  I AM GRATEFUL!!  Some moments just fill your heart & soul a little more than others, and that IS fine.  I am hoping that everyone who reads this remembers to be grateful, live in the moment, and be aware!  The Universe touches us in sooo many ways, on every day.

Sacred Journey  my friends

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My new post

love peace universe destiny

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March 3rd, 2010 | Author: admin

I need to reset myself & priorities, and I shall be bothered no more! I am finding it a little exhausting guarding against a couple of “select” influences of drama and negativity. It’s their problem not mine! Oy… how I don’t understand how some people can NOT see how their actions (& energy) affect others, and don’t… take responsibility for their actions. Arrgghh! Grow up & get a clue!

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