Kenji’s Covid Protocol

Sharing my experience.

I’m not a doctor so this is simply sharing my experience – with that said… over the past 2 years, I hunted for information gleaned from folk & publications and slowly created a ‘kit’ just in case I ended up getting covid (which I eventually did). Based on that research, here’s what I found & used for myself. I included links to buy any items you need. I don’t make money off them, they’re there for your conveinence.

The Five to Survive

I took 1 capsule ea 2x Daily


Quercetin + C

Zinc, C & D3 



The Support Stuff

Sleep (I took ½ hour before going to bed)


Cough (I made a quart and took throughout the day)

Bronchial Tea

Hydrate… Water, water, water plus ‘gatorade-esque’ type drinks. Also lots of broths helps.


3x daily @ approx 15 min ea session

Sometimes I just used saline to loosen things up…, additionally I included nano silver and/or H2O2.  Note: Support, and… Criticism can be found for nebulizing with these additions – so folk should come to their own conclusions if anything else besides the saline is suitable.

Nebulizer Machine

Saline Solution

– Nano Silver

– H2O2 (food grade 3%)

Per session – Saline; 5mL

(opt. add 1mL nano silver) and/or (opt. add 1mL H2O2 3% – food grade)

Nasal Flush

2x daily with ’salt’ mixture (MUST use distilled water). I make my own ‘salt’ mixture.

Neti Pot

Irrigation Bottle 

Premixed Salt


OTC & prescribed. I used advil and a little mucinex later on to further clear my chest.

 – Tylenol or Advil – for fever, headaches, aches & pains

– Mucinex – for congestion  

* By Dr Rx only – Paxlovid (antiviral)