A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I saw God.  Not Michelangelo’s  Sistine Chapel version of god, but my own very personal version.

I dreamed that I was following some internal pull, like a salmon returning to its spawning ground, directing me to a barren mountainside somewhere in Hawaii. As I approached the place where I knew I was supposed to be, I could feel the sacredness of the location and the event that I was being drawn to witness.

I looked around and saw that other people were around me, all following the same pull.  It was the quest for divinity that drew us all to the same place, each humbly and honestly seeking the source of the emanation.

I looked to my right and a little down the mountain and a person caught my eye… one moment it was a man, and then it was a woman and back again… He/She reached across it’s body and tore the middle open, showing that all that I assumed to be real,  had been flat like a stage background and the hole torn open was now a peek into what was beyond.  Everything else looked the same, clouds floating, his/her feet and legs still normal, shoulders and the head continued to look at me. But its middle was now my answer.

Vibrant colors twisting, pulsing… I saw the shape of an arm pass by the hole, part of the miasma, yet apart at the same time.  In that moment of honoring the existence of another human, I witnessed what I had been brought there to see,  for me, it was my perception of the true nature of God.

God is in everything and everyone. We can be deceived temporarily by the facade of life, we can interact with the flat illusion, or we can reach deeper.

I chose to see and honor the divinity distributed equally among all things, rock, plant, animal, human, all wondrously and divinely made.  Each of us believing that we are the center of the universe, because… in truth, we contain it.

Love to all,