What  if you were given a gift,… the ability to instantly recognize people and their true spirit-selves, including your own?

You could be around anyone and immediately see connections from this world and sometimes deeper spiritual connections too.

What if, most of the time, you were the only one with that knowledge? Like eavesdropping or observing someone from behind a two way mirror.

Would you take that gift?

What if the ego of people, (which I believe is worn like clothing and is cast off when we die) blocked their ability and willingness to allow the true spirit self to be actualized. Like trying to hug someone wearing many layers of jackets would dampen feeling and constrict movement. How do you get through all the layers to touch that awareness?

I guess my answer is to hug with really, really big intention.

In trying to awaken spirit in other people, I realize that I may be healing myself too. I am waiting and hoping to see conscious recognition reflected back.

Love to all,