The image of a person wrapped in flowing, pure white robes that gently dance in a slight breeze of unknown origins, a face lit by beams of light piercing the clouds, surely an outer indication of the light held within seems to be synonymous with spirituality.

Hmmmm, sounds a little like crap to me, or at the least a little too Hollywood-esque. One of the spiritual greats, JC (that’d be that Jesus dude) is depicted as above but as I recall he was a carpenter. Anyway, as I remember it, good ol’ JC is sitting there in his blue jeans (carpenters wear those you know), drinkin’ beer (ok maybe it was wine) chillin’ with some of us plain ol’ human folk. They were perfect humans, perfectly imperfect simply living in the moment. In barges some religious folk who start hassling him because he’s hangin’ out with the (seemingly) dregs of society. Well JC says
Hey religious dudes, you’re missin’ the point. It’s the inside that counts and all it really boils down to is LOVE, self love, love of others and love of creation. You all need to grow up and stop tryin’ to stuff folk into you narrow little box. Buh-bye

Some of the most spiritual people I know are rough around the edges. Interestingly, people cross our path, being in our lives for a reason. They may be here to be our Teacher (or we theirs), our Lover, our Healer (or we theirs), our Refuge (or we theirs), our Guide (or we theirs). We need to loose our very own versions of religiousness

The only spiritual tool you need is LOVE. So if you feel grotesque, profane, unworthy (whatever label you’ve been wearing), remember it may have value to someone who needs to understand Love but will only be able to receive love from someone who speaks grotesque-ese. We simply should strive to be who we are, any change needed for your highest good, happens naturally, organically (so to speak). If we do change with intention it is because we desire to do so (from the inside out) rather than the other way around

Enjoy the Ride