I had a very vivid, intense dream about Syria last night
First time, that I can remember I dreamed about a whole country and its political/war status.
It was gearing up for full scale war and people were trying to get out before it happened. People were trying to figure out if they had time to bring possessions and wrap up business or if they just needed to run. I leaned toward the just run side.
There were soldiers in some kind of weird metal chest plates knocking on doors and letting people know they were being watched. Mercenary army kind of people, like town bullies, ganging together. I had several mental references/connections to Hitler with some (types/groups) people being singled out for extermination. The whole dream had a really awful pre WW2 vibe.
I pray that people will take the higher spiritual path, but my intuition says something really big and really, really bad is going to happen.
Be the good in the world. It starts with each one of us.
Love to all,