The Body Path

This somatic approach is where we explore who we are in our physical bodies, designed for nourishing and healing the body as well as becoming mindfully present which can lead to a feeling of wellness and peace


  • Reconnective Massage
    The Reconnective Massage style was born from several bodywork modalities (from energetic to therapeutic –  including Esalen massage, Acupressure, deep bodywork, sports massage and soft tissue release). The goal of each transforming session is to bring the client entirely into the moment (that very point in time), quieting the mind, awakening the spirit while reminding the body that it is an integrated whole


  • Ecstatic Dance
    An authentic, ‘in the moment’ way of being which can be healing in nature. These experiential group sessions are for reaching a fully embodied state, getting your body to move from the inside out. There are no steps to be learned but there are techniques that can help guide you to this moving meditation. Some liken it to prayer movement

When we finally discover ‘our’ way to fully inhabit our body we’re well on our way to living a 3-D life.



  • Proprioceptors & Pedals
    This casual program (in the making) is a fun time spent mostly on bicycles riding in a unique and intentional manner. The focus is to enliven your body’s proprioceptors to aide in achieving better balance while promoting a feeling of well-being
    (Please note: Bicycles ARE NOT provided)
  • Pre-Yoga
    This program (in the making) is for all the unbendy folk who are intimidated by yoga. Elements will include partner work, assisted stretching, table and floor work