Teaching With Us

What is your passion?

We truly are excited about working, playing & co-creating with various instructors who will bring their passion and an excitement for teaching along with a desire to improve the quality of life for those they meet and/or help raise the consciousness of humanity.

We wish to honor

instructors by offering the following:

• Appropriate compensation.
• A meeting space dedicated to their workshop.
• Promotion on www.kenjig.sg-host.com
and the other marketing avenues that are within the usual scope of our marketing practice
• Administration of the workshop (i.e. registration and production)

In exchange we ask that you:

• Come with an attitude of service and to at be your best
• Are professional, prepared and ready for action
• Promote the workshop through your usual marketing practice
(i.e. contacts, blogs, social networking, etc.)
• Link your website to ours. List the workshop as an upcoming event

Maybe with this breath you are the teacher
and in the next you are the student,

& so the circle goes…



• Communication is essential to the success of any relationship. It is important for us to have clear, open and artful communication. Together we can  create successful and impactful workshops.
• Honesty… with us and yourself. What we are looking to do is establish win/win relationships that foster mutual growth. If communication or self-promotion is a challenge for you, maybe you’re just getting started or have areas of uncertainty, we need to know… so that we may move forward intelligently. This will prevent us from wasting each other’s time or possibly that of those that may attend an event.


All information submitted by you is for the internal use of Human Trinity
– for the purpose of building a list of qualified and compatible teachers as well as for workshop planning and budgeting. Your information will NOT be shared with anyone outside of the Humantrinity Organization unless expressly authorized by you.