the Soul Path

There is a thread of Truth that ties us all together. Imagine a metal thread that has been under the ocean a long time, it will have become so encrusted with so much, for so long, that it would be hard to see what lies beneath. I feel at the core of the religions of the world, there lies  a common golden thread of truth that, over time this basic truth has been so encrusted with traditions and misunderstandings that many have lost sight of that very thread we all share. No one group is completely ‘right’ or ‘wrong’… Let us explore that thread as it looks through your eyes

Three Keys…

…to help you discover your own growth path in life, and your spiritual mission

  • Uplift those who come into your life and see the beauty in every face, help lift others toward their highest self. In doing so, you release energy to increase the ‘frequency’ of your life’s unfolding in a natural, synchronistic manner
  • Peace begins when we experience an inner connection with divine energy within. To gain energy we tend to try manipulating others to give us attention and thus their energy. By fostering a constant sensation of love will ensure that you can maintain that divine connection
  • As we are guided toward our destinies and led by our intuitions, many times the answers are synchronistically provided by the wisdom of another human being. Yesterday I was a student, today I’m a teacher and tomorrow… a student


  • Synchronicity (coincidence with trust) Being alert for ‘open doors’ trusting that there is a universal intelligence that ties us all together
  • Energy – focusing our attention in the desired direction…where attention goes, energy flows…influencing other energy systems
  • Intuition (gut feelings) – Living the majority of life with the mind has made dull our intuitive selves, even to the point we second guess intuition when it does arise

Binary thinking such as good or bad, right or wrong & so on… create endless friction yet there is a whole universe in between.



  • When we spend or share time with you, we seek to find how that golden thread weaves through your own life and to recognize that your life is simply an unfolding rather than something you can push along. Through spiritual coaching and intuitive readings, we will explore your own spiritual growth and your soul’s purpose, striving for soul empowerment, soul realignment and transformation