More shifting perceptions and new awareness…
My whole life I have had what appeared to be an extra level of perception, the ESP factor. It runs heavily in the women from my mother’s side. Through a series of events recently, I was given a singing bowl. Someone played it in the store and I stopped dead in my tracks. It was the closest that I had heard to the tone that is always in my head.

For me, each person and event has a certain tone…that tone is either harmonic or dissonant. It can be applied to either a situation or to a person, but everything has its own resonance. Some people when describing cities will say that it has a specific “feel” or “energy”. It those cases, there are soooo many people all grouped together that it is really easy to pick up, but everyone person and action has it.

People who naturally resonate with a tone that is similar to, or complimentary to, our own resonance hold special places in our lives.

Some interpersonal actions can temporarily increase the volume of the tone, just like the applying pressure to the singing bowl. Good or bad, the intention to affect other people creates ripples like sound waves above or below our usual ability to perceive.

My personal philosophy is that when you try to put “ownership” on someone else “my” husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, you muffle the tone. Each person is perfectly in tune with their state of awareness and by releasing the false sense of ownership over another human, it allows the true relationship to evolve.

Love to all,