1. Jorge says:

    Angelina Angel AngieTake me on your journeyTake us homeHome you askWhat is HomeA state of graceIn what stateA state of mindWherever you lay your hepduaonMy home is in my soulWhere I dwellWhere I liveHome is in my feetMy armsMy HeartThe beating of my own drumThe feel of my rhythmFinding the lost chordDancing my danceAngelina asksHow do you knowWhen you are thereBecause i hearThe sound of peaceI feel the comfortOf my own cocoonThe acceptanceOf my communityI commune with myselfI venture into the slipstreamLet the motion carry my emotionTo my inner beingA place where I can restThe calm in the chaosThe portal in my stormAngel saysAre you there nowSearching,circling,followingThe lines of the concentricFalling deeper in the labyrinthof my mind and journeyWrong turns, Write turnsYour turnWhich direction do I followThe inward pathOr the outward journeyI walk til I find the intersection

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