Shadow on SandI have practiced lucid dreaming since I was a child and have gotten finally to the point where I have some consistent self-awareness and control. At this point, both the dreamworld and the real world I use dreams to boundlessly explore, and hopefully address, aspects of myself.

Through my life, occasionally, when dreaming, I see/feel a terrifying presence. Always, either felt as a unseen presence or physically materialized as a literal dark cloud hovering somewhere in my room.

Recently, these dreams has escalated in frequency to two or 3 times a week.

It has taken me years to finally get to the point where although frightened, I am able to stand my ground. At this point, I can look at it directly and even speak to it.

A few days ago, I asked my mom about it, and she said next time I saw it I should demand a gift from it.
I did, and it opened and it gave me clarity about it, (growth hidden in times of great fear) and some insight into what it was hiding (a narrow passageway leading to a sunlit meadow). Freedom of self and inner peacefulness!

Now though, predictably, it has escalated again and shifted into a more directly threatening presence. Additionally, my restful sleep is really being impacted. I believe the presence is simply raw fear. It does not feel like it is external to me, it is more like a mirrored reflection.

My gut says that I need to accept it, love it, allow it to reside in me. The rational side of me is absolutely freaked out about that and wants fight/hide/ignore etc.. My waking self just wants a good night sleep