This morning, as I routinely traveled through the yard on my way back from the laundry hut, I noticed a brilliant sparkling coming from my otherwise dull bed of weeds I call a backyard.  It was as if I had found the treasure in a fairytale!

At first I almost breezed by… but the “grateful & live in the moment” part of me wouldn’t allow it. (As a side note, I’d like to thank myself for that!)  Anyway… I pondered at what could make my weeds shimmer like this?  Was it some glitter from days gone by?  No…  As I leaned in for a closer look, I saw copious amounts of the finest tinsel ever, like that of baby hair; or so I thought!

My logical self realized the impossibility of this, so I challenged my self to investigate further.  It was an optical illusion.  Yep… I swear!  What I found made me laugh with delight.  It was Snail Trails!!!  Normally snails in general do not usually invoke images of beauty, and definitely not their trails.  However… when they have dried, they thin, then with help of the sun’s ever divine rays… an absolute treasure!

How lucky am I to have stumbled upon this unexpected beauty, at just the right moment in the day, amongst my daily chores, and in my field of weeds I call my backyard?  Amazing!  I am grateful!

Ahhhh… Life is Good 🙂