The sun is shinin’…

and theres 3 lil birds outside my window, singin a sweet song, a melody pure and true, this is my message to YOU ooh ooh! Don’t worry, about a ting, cause ev’ry lil ting gon’ be alright!

Okay, so it’s a Bob Marley kind of day! I looked outside and thought …”the sun is shinin”, and bam there was the song. Then…no sooner than that happened, the birds started singing…and of course THAT song popped into my head.
it was such a strong vibe, I opened the door, and yes it was 3 lil birds.

Now I am enjoying their song, and the smell of the lush green yard (overgrown, but it does smell so wonderful)

I am grateful for the Awareness I have to enjoy moments like this 🙂

Irie Mon, Irie! Seastar:)