Hi everyone!

I will try to do a regular diary while I’m in Japan.
There are so many things that are new to me.
I’m sure they are normal, everyday things.
Hopefully you will find humor in some of what I see or feel
Maybe you will even see Japan with new eyes!

I will use some titles to write about some things
They are as follows:

Hosts and Helpers – (these are the people who have given me a place to stay or who have helped me in some way)

There are Places… (these words are from a Beatles song. I will write about places I visit)

Friends, Foes and Alien Beings – (I will write about the people I meet on my journey )

Lessons and other Interesting Tidbits – ( I will share about the personal lessons I’m learning and interesting little things )

The little Boy in me Report – (there are so many things I notice that I am starting to feel like a child so I will share about these things. You will laugh or think I’m crazy. Oh well…)

Have Fun