Okay… so today in New Jersey, My Sis in law, her Mom, two of my nieces & I got quite an education in jelly donuts compliments of Dunkin Donuts. Who knew that there are a million different types of jelly donuts.  This particular Dunkin Donuts only had one version of the jelly donut, which was fine… however, it did take us approximately 5 minutes of absolutely engaging, humorous & informative conversation to arrive at that conclusion!  Honestly…  it was akin to the famous Abbott & Costello who’s on first skit.

First let’s start with the coating:  Powder Sugar coated jelly donut… Glazed jelly donut, or sugar coated jelly donut.

Then there are the fillings: Grape, Strawberry, AND… the regular red stuff that we couldn’t decide if it was cherry or raspberry, or something in between.  We’ll just call that the mystery flavor.

We FINALLY decided on the Sugar Coated Mystery Flavored Jelly donut, which very conveniently was the the exact and only type they featured at this particular Dunkin Donuts!  What are the chances???

Well, fortunately Carl did enlighten us as to just how good the chances were to find this particular type of jelly donut at other locations.  You see… although Dunkin Donuts does feature the much sought after Grape & Strawberry filled jelly donuts, most of the locations do not carry them (at least in this area).  We had other errands to run, so unfortunately we were unable to complete our education in the chances of  obtaining an “other” than sugar coated jelly donut from Dunkin Donuts.

It was a great time, we all enjoyed some ” health enhancing” laughter, and my niece & I snarfed down the mystery flavored sugar coated jelly donut with much more appreciation!

I do also want to mention what a fine job Carl did!  He was so very patient with us & all of our questions. He also was very  playful, informative, and upbeat… All while running the front counter & drive through by himself!  Good juju sent to Carl!!

Hope you enjoyed this, it really was a fun exchange while it happened 🙂