I believe sexual energy is both primal and Divinely expressive. All living things contain sexual energy. Whether it is repressed or expressed, it still must be acknowledged. Whether a life form feels universal connection or a simply a biological release is dependent on the focus.

To expand beyond what we are, we must open to the Divine. Our partner, becomes both the key and the gateway. By putting our attention on the energy that we are giving and receiving, we can amplify it. We create something that cannot be attained without a partner, beyond biological release and normal awareness. This amplification allows us to transcend our physical shells and step joyously into the realm of spirituality.

While orgasm by definition is the culmination of the act, I believe the process is in fact the key. By placing your awareness into another human, breathing as they breath, maintaining sensitivity to their response, the shared mental state becomes a celebration of the Divine. We transcend individual male or female form and become both.

Losing inhibitions and accepting what “is” becomes a journey in itself. There are no perfect bodies, there is no perfect moment. We all age, wither and eventually die. Illness and disease are parts of life too. They do not lessen the person nor the experience unless we choose to define ourselves by something that is ultimately ephemeral and ego based. Our lives, while important to us, have less universal scale than a molecule of water.  Our egos will place walls where none should exist.

I believe this shared experience has the capacity to encompass the body and the Divine being. The time up to, and including, the orgasm can be rapturous. Our minds devoid of thought, enable the ego to disappear and we become pure consciousness. This state of consciousness opens a channel through which a connection to our body, souls and ultimately the Divine become possible.

Love to All,