Last night I participated in a New Moon ceremony. A clearing of mind, heart and soul and a stated intention for the coming month.
The clearing part was a little harder than normal, as much has been happening in my life lately. Nothing major, just a continuous series of events that have encouraged me to evaluate and re-evaluate some of my beliefs about boundaries.

I would really like to be able to have the people in my life self-monitor their actions, but it seems no matter how hard I want that to happen, it is not a realistic point of view. I choose to get out of the way of self-imploding people when I can, but when I am in a confined space, I struggle with having empathy for the fallibility of the human condition and not allowing myself to become a target.

It seems that if we could really be responsible for our own attitudes and energy we would not need to put up mental walls and fences. The view would be so much nicer! But as it is, I am practicing my spiritual Aikido on a daily basis and deflecting the sloppy stuff directed toward me. I find it to be a centering exercise for me, while very curiously observing that once the other person has had their energy/attitude/intention redirected from me, their own behavior and attitude continues to propel them.

My stated intentions and deepest personal desires continue to be consistent, but perhaps stating them clearly will help them fully manifest.

To be seen for who I really am
To be recognized by those who need to see me
To be of service
To accept the life lessons given to me with grace and humility.

Love to all,