I woke up the other morning with the phrase “maybe as soon as tomorrow” rolling around in my head. The more I thought about it, the clearer the meaning became for me.
I practice awareness everyday. I am anchored into the present, which has an interesting byproduct, I can also spend time in the past when I choose. Being fully present in the moment, allows me to recall physical sensations and emotions very clearly. Not every single moment of everyday, but there is definitely a consistent thread going back to my childhood.

I am grateful for the family and friends that surround me, for having the honor of being present and witness to the physical changes and mental evolution of each. For the fresh and fading memories of those that have already passed or moved their lives in another direction, and for the ability to still be able to recall the way it felt to be in their presence.

I believe that “maybe as soon as tomorrow” each one of us will want to be able to recall the feeling of our bodies, our homes, our relationships. Rejoice in what is, put an anchor for this day. Your memory can be as simple as dust motes in a ray of sunshine, or as complex as the day itself. All are equally precious and as time progresses, they become more sacred.
Love to all,