I’m reading a book that is so resonating with me that I had to share.
I find that how it came to my hands is very interesting….

First, it was recommended by my daughter (we seem to be walking parallel spiritual paths)

Then, a few days later a friend brought over the just released movie (which only whet my appetite) so I plan to buy the book.

Later, while at my desk, I look over at my bookshelf and there’s not only one, but two copies sitting there (inherited from my mother, bless her for the magic I never saw in her) but they were ‘invisible’ til the moment I wanted/needed one of them.

Hmmm… coincidence?

Now here’s the kicker, five minutes before writing this blog, I find out there’s a follow-up book ‘The Tenth Insight’. I immediately plan to get it so on a whim, I look over at my ‘magical’ bookshelf, and.., there it lies. Wow, The Universe has a message for me don’t ya think. Maybe you too.


Oh, as I review my post, I realize that I haven’t shared the book name:
‘The Celestine Prophesy’ by James Redfield