Last night I dreamed about awareness. How ironic is that? Obviously, these are questions I have been struggling with.

Here are the insights I came away with.

Grogginess – Some people have woken up, but are not yet fully aware.  I was shown the image of waking my son up when he was a child to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  He would wake up, but often he would not make sense when you asked a question and he would need to be propelled into the bathroom. Somewhere between consciousness and sleeping, but not really fully part of either.

Crankiness – I think crankiness is a symptom of self-importance. When a person allows themselves to push their negative feelings onto the people around them, it does several things. 1. It makes that person the center of attention. 2. It causes a ripple of spiritual and physical reactions to everyone exposed. 3. It is a very real block held within the core of the being.

Alertness – A consistent epiphany of insight coming from a source outside and part of oneself.