I have always held my spirituality very close and quiet. Not something I felt ashamed of, but liberated by. A place filled with truth, acceptance and God. Discovered with the eyes  and open heart of childhood, self awareness has woven through my life from my earliest memories. Such a wonderful gift was given to me that even as a child I wanted to keep it pure and unpolluted from the outside.   I have always studied, meditated, explored and dreamed  privately. Guided by instinct, curiosity and beloved mentors.

It has been my refuge, never failing to comfort and provide perspective. It shapes every interaction and gives grace to every person in my life.

I have been challenged by a dear friend to open up… to share and learn about spirituality by interacting with those who openly claim knowledge. I find that as I poke my head out of my spiritual turtle shell, I am lost. Like Rip VanWinkle, I feel out of place and time.

This is not yet my time, these are not yet my teachers. My head is silence and clarity, this is loud and harsh. I am worn.

The advice is good, valuable lessons learned, but for now, I will ponder them in my turtle shell and continue to listen for the voice singing soft and low.

Love to all,