I was talking with one of my mentors today and she mentioned something that caught me by surprise and sparked a fairly lengthy conversation between us… She said that lately, she has been pretending that there is an Angel hiding amongst the people she interacts with. Perhaps it is the cranky cashier or the man mowing  his yard as she drives by. She said that it made it easier for her to deal with people.

As far back as I can remember, I have believed that everything created is equally divine. Each thing fully,  individually and collectively containing the divinity of God/Universe/Creator.

I believe that every interaction that I have with others, is an exercise to reach beyond my own ego and self to reach the spiritual center of every being, to seek  connection with the heart of God. I see the divinity shining so clearly in everything.  Even in the midst of pain and loss, I feel cherished, comforted, protected and part of something so much larger than I can comprehend. If I can reflect even a small portion of this back into the world, I would be so grateful.

Sometimes, I see things or people and there is a sense of recognition. Even recognition is not the right term… it is such a primordial connection. A deep sense of  “rightness” and an absolute knowing that interaction with the place or person contains something that moves me/us/them closer to the heart of God.

These situations require unconditional love and acceptance of ALL that has been carried. Sometimes, it is as simple as helping at a life junction (a place to stay, food, encouragement) other times, it requires a much deeper commitment. I am bound, the “recognition” enforcing its own unique requirements.

I believe that the universe answers all beings that call it from the heart. How it manifests, and often whether we allow ourselves to accept the grace and love that surrounds and is freely given to us, is only obstructed by the free will equally given.

Love to all,