Last night I had a great dream…
I dreamed that my friends had heard about and seen an Oracle. They said that she was real and could tell a lot of things simply by touching someone. They were very curious what would happen if she and I were to touch.
My friends brought me to the place where the Oracle was reading people. The place was dark and reminded me more of a nightclub or a dimly lit basement. We walked down a long flight of stairs and saw her standing in the center of a bare floor with people gathered in small groups along the edges of the walls or wandering quietly waiting for their turn.
When she saw us coming she turned to my friends and asked… “Why do you bring her here?”
They answered “Because she is an Oracle like you, and we want to see what will happen when you touch”.
The Oracle and I looked at each other, saw awareness and realness, and then opened our arms and hugged each other.
Mentally, spiritually, I could feel her trying to reach the divine place within me, like smoke, or very gently probing fingers within my psyche. She was trying to find the opening to see what was to be revealed.
In that moment, I knew what she was looking for and I completely released all of the ego/personality boundaries that were in her way and we met in that spiritual place. At that moment, She began to tell me that I had been on a journey, had been through hardships. I was now on a path that was happier, filled with love and light and Spirit.