For all you whiners

Obama – get over it already, geez, all the energy that folks put into whining about him could be better used to effect change, or if you’re so frikkin worried, wouldn’t it be simpler to just pray God will help him make the right decisions rather than blaming Him for allowing the ‘wrong’ man into office?. I’m weary of all the BS
Prop 8 – two humans wanna get married, so what. Is your life so pathetic that you want to make others live the way YOU feel they should. Grow up…, what – are we still in grade school. The Universe (God) has a way of shushing those that judge (lets say… ’bout the gays for example), usually by giving you children that are the very thing you disdain so you are forced to look past religion and hypocrisy, maybe giving ‘unconditional love’ a test drive .

For your viewing pleasure: