blue serendipity graphic…in Japan,

I’ve been in Japan for more than 2 months and will return home to Kona, Hawaii on Dec 9. While here I am learning a bigger picture of following coincidence (serendipity) in moving thru my life. I used to watch for how a particular coincidence had meaning for me.

Now I am discovering that while I am staying open to and alert for coincidence, I am becoming a more useful tool for the Universe in helping others. By seeing and connecting coincidence I am being used to connect strings in people’s lives so that they can follow their own path (of coincidence) toward the fulfillment of their dream or destiny.

Since I’ve come to Japan, I have been alert to (seeing) coincidences. Many times I am sharing the information with others. When I do, incredible connections are happening for them. Sometime this information has value for me and other times it is a key for the next step in their life path. Wow, the Universe again reminds me that not only am I here to fulfill my destiny…, but that I also am here to help others in fulfilling their own destiny.

I need to remember to keep a broad view of what I do in the world rather than focusing mostly on how it affects me